Posted: September 20th, 2023

Running case- new castle county technical services | IS 2080 | University of Cincinnati


Please complete the running case titled New Castle County Technical  Services at the end of Chapter 3 – MS Excel Charts of your custom  Pearson book –  (Since there seems to be a discrepancy in page numbering  between the hard copy and e-text, I am providing a description of the  lab rather than page numbers. Please familiarize yourself with the  layout of activities at the end of each chapter of the custom book –  there are practice exercises, mid-level exercises, running case,  disaster recovery and a capstone exercise. Going forward, I will specify  the type of exercise and the title of the exercise rather than the page  numbers).

Starter file: e03r1NCCTS.xlsx 

 Download e03r1NCCTS.xlsx

Clicking on the link above will open the file within the browser  window whereas clicking on the down-arrow will allow you to download the  file to your computer.

Grading Rubric:

  • Pie Chart incl. formatting: 5 points
  • Bar Chart incl. formatting: 5 points
  • Custom Combo Chart incl. formatting: 6 points
  • Footer: 2 points  (Please refer to the section titled – “Create a  Header or Footer” – from Chapter 1 Introduction to Excel for help with  this item.

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