Posted: September 19th, 2023

Republic of zachistan – introducing new treatment guidelines for


1. A Quantitative Analysis of the two treatments to estimate cost per life saved in Zachistan using the new treatment option; please show all your calculations, assumptions and outcomes clearly using Microsoft Excel; cost per life saved is defined as:

Δ $s/ Δ Lives

Δ $s : Additional dollars spent using clairadol instead of huffstatin

Δ Lives: Additional lives saved using clairadol instead of using huffstatin

The following calculations need to be performed to arrive at the final number:

– Number of cases of severe arvophillia (in each age category)

– Cost of drugs and other consumables (under each treatment protocol)

– Total number of lives saved

– Extra cost per additional life saved

2.  A PowerPoint Presentation from CHAI aimed at the Ministry of Health, Zachistan, making a case for a new treatment policy for arvophillia. Use the case study as well as outcomes from the quantitative analysis to make a strong argument; kindly keep the number of slides to no more than 5. The following can be used as the broad themes for each slide:

– Articulation of the problem within the context of Republic of Zachistan: 1 slide

– Key background for the new treatment protocol: 1 – 2 slides

– Comparative analysis of the treatment protocols and final recommendation: 1 – 2 slides

– Next steps to be followed: 1 slide

3. A One-Page Memo from CHAI to the Ministry of Health, Zachistan, summarizing clearly the case for the new treatment policy. The following points need to be addressed in the memo:

– The challenge: Disease profile in the country, current treatment protocol and the drawbacks thereof

– The solution: Key facts about the new treatment protocol

– Justification: Persuasive arguments for updating the current treatment guidelines

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