Posted: September 19th, 2023

Ethics in psych week 1



Please write approx 4 paragraphs reflecting on the issue of morals vs. ethics. Include the following in your reflection:

· A definition of moral principles.

· The difference between moral principles and ethical standards.

· Your personal moral standards for behavior.

· The basis for your moral standards. For instance, do your morals stem from a religious background, anecdotal experience, other family members, or mentors?

· A comparison of your personal moral standards with at least three APA ethical principles. How are your moral standards and the APA ethical principles similar or different?


Topic: Compare and Contrast

You may have a distinction between your own personal ethical boundaries and your work ethical boundaries.

Take for example, accepting gifts from coworkers or persons in your field of work.  Take for example dating a coworker.

Compare and contrast these concepts and pose a question to the group.


Imagine that you are working in a 10th grade classroom, and your school’s curriculum requires that, as part of your high school’s Introduction to Psychology course, you teach your students how to engage in ethical behavior.

Answer the following questions as you consider what you might do to meet your school’s curricular goals:

· What do you believe are the least effective and most effective ways to teach individuals to act ethically?

· Can an individual adopt ethical standards without the ability for empathy? Justify your position.

· Are there elements of ethical development that are age- or gender-specific?

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