Posted: September 19th, 2023

Edu 560 week 4 discussion economic and educational inequality | edu 560 | Strayer University

 Various policies help K-12 students prepare for furthering their education after high school. Higher Education institutions also have measures in place to help potential students pursue their goals. For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following according to your focus in K-12 or Higher Education.

K12: Research your state (South Carolina) and discuss policies that have been put in place to help those students who choose to pursue vocational or trade-specific education after high school. Be sure to focus on requirements established by policies that students will need and share at least one program available for students who pursue this type of education.

Higher Education: Discuss policies that provide access to education or help community colleges and/or trade schools in your city provide students with free or reduced-cost tuition when enrolling in their programs. Be sure to include scholarship and grant information as well as policies in place for students who may be military learners.

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