Posted: September 18th, 2023

Scenario | Computer Science homework help



You are a member of the Just Ducky network security team. Your company is considering expanding their wireless network and connecting their two buildings. Also, you need to provide wireless access to employees and visitors in the outside areas. Review the attached map for reference. You have been tasked to research the following elements to help in the design project.

Radio Frequency Characteristics

· Amplitude

· Wavelength

· Frequency

· Phase

Radio Frequency Behaviors

· Absorption

· Reflection

· Scattering

· Refraction

· Diffraction

· Loss (attenuation)

· Free Space Path Loss

In your opinion, what technology/tools could the company implement to prevent unauthorized access to the network and still provide wireless access to employees and clients in the common outside areas?

Provide definitions, examples, and graphics of the above concepts.

diagram example

Your paper must be submitted using APA format. (Please refer to the attached APA guide and example):

· At least two pages (not counting front page or references)

· Font: Times New Roman

· Size: 11

· Double-spaced

· 1 in margins

Also, please refer to the grading criteria in this rubric prior to submitting your assignment.


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