Posted: September 18th, 2023

Research paper | ISSC325 | American Public University System

 Research Topic (Successful implementation and operation of a biometric security system)


The assignment for this week is to flesh out your Week # 8 Research Paper Outline. Please see below for the details:

Week 2: Research Paper Topic Selection

Week 5: Research Paper Outline due (i.e. this week by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.)

Week 8: Research Paper Due

Research Paper Outline: For this assignment – create your research paper outline and include the following all in APA format:

  • Title page with the title of your paper, name, date, class, professor, and university info.
  • Top level headers which outline what you will be talking about in your paper.
  • Second level headers (sub-headers) which outline detail for each of your top level headers
  • A reference section list with at least 5 sources that you have researched (you will need a total of ten for the final paper).
  • Submit your outline in a word file with the following file naming convention: ISSC325_Outline_First_Last.doc(x)

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