Posted: September 18th, 2023

Business finance – accounting homework 1 file 1/file 2


Copy all relevant results from SPSS into a Word document with the analysis provided in the Word document for each output.

Open Module 1 Homework File 1 in SPSS.  This file contains open, high, low, close and percentage change data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1/2022 through 5/2022 and was downloaded from DJIA| Dow Jones Industrial Average Historical Prices – WSJ.  Using the available dat, generate: 

  1. The descriptive statistics include the mean, standard deviation, variance, minimum and maximum values, standard error of the mean, skewness, and kurtosis values.
  2. Create a frequency table and histogram showing the normal curve. Comment on your results. Submit the Word document file for this assignment.



Open Module 1 Homework File 2 in SPSS.  This grades say file contains data concerning the total sum of five quizzes and a final, the pass or fail grades, and the possible percentage and grade points received. 

  1. Generate descriptive statistics  for the GPA, quizzes 1 through 5, and the final.
  2. Using attended review sessions as the cluster on X-set color, construct a Clustered Bar chart including the mean for quizzes 1 through 5.
  3. Using GPA (DV) and final (IV), construct a simple scatter diagram  with a fit line. Analyze each result. Submit the Word document file for this assignment. 

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