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Week 1 problems (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)


          Week 1 Problems         

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Chapters 1, 2, and 3

  1. Explain the difference between existing customers, target markets,  and stakeholders for an acute-care county hospital that has historically  taken care of those individuals who are less well insured or  socioeconomically disadvantaged. The clinical staff is highly qualified  and committed to the mission of the institution. In recent years the  hospital has found that county support for its budget has decidedly  decreased. In light of your description of the target market, existing  customers, and stakeholders, how might this factor into a marketing  director’s concerns given budget realities and the need to attract a  well-insured patient population?
  2. For several years, the Steig Medical Group had been a successful  primary care practice of three physicians.  In recent years, the state  in which it practiced became more receptive to opening the regulations  to advanced practice nurses for providing primary care services to the  limit of the license without direct supervision and to even have  pharmacists perform limited diagnosis, order lab tests of certain types,  and provide consults under some relationship with a physician.  These  pharmacists could also refer.  The local Walgreens and three CVS  location in town had also opened Minute Clinics staffed with nurse  practitioners.  The Steig group just recently offered weekend hours on  Saturday and had walk-in hours from 7:30 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday  and Thursday mornings.  The practice closed Monday through Thursday at 5  p.m. and Friday at 3:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                                   Over lunch, the three doctors, all close  friends who went through medical training together, decided to meet on a  Sunday morning.  One of them had recently completed a master’s of  business administration at the local business school.  “I think we  should do a SWOT analysis of the practice,” he said, “I think we now  have real competition from when we started 10 years ago.  The nurse  practitioner practice is now open three nights a week and is opening  Saturday and Sunday morning.  The Minute Clinics are also there.  Let’s  step back.  Our practice is busy.  We were voted best primary care group  last year in Midtown  magazine, but how long will that help?  We have all been here in the  community, we have talked about hiring, but is it enough?  What else  should we be doing?”                                                                                                      Conduct a SWOT analysis for the Steig group.
  3. Two  large multispecialty medical groups have recently asked you to conduct  audits using the BCG matrix.  For the first group your analysis reveals  the following distribution of services: 65% cash cows, 10% stars, 20%  problem children, and 5% dogs.  In the second group, the distribution is  as follows: 20% cash cows, 60% stars, 15% problem children, and 5%  dogs.  Provide your analysis and recommendations for each group.
  4. Having  just been recruited to a new community in Florida as the senior vice  president for marketing, you realize that a review of the demographics  shows the community was slightly older than you were initially told.  As  an attractive community, the area was increasingly drawing a large  number of recently retiring seniors whose income was relatively good.   The challenge was that the primary and secondary service area was ringed  with several good, competing facilities.  At the other end of the  distribution, there was a segment of the elderly who had been in the  community and whose health might be considered fragile. The health  system had now decided to form an accountable care organization.  What  are the key challenges for the population of these two segments?   Outline the major marketing objectives for each group.  Do they differ?   Are there programmatic differences?  How might the four P’s differ in  responding to each market segment?

End of chapter conceptual problems evaluate your understanding of key  concepts and elements of the Health Care Marketing learned in the  chapters. Showing an understanding of the problems using clear logic and  supporting facts, you must address the problems analytically and  thoroughly. The Assignment must follow the following guidelines:

  1. You must use citations with references to document information  obtained from sources. The key elements of Health Care Marketing are  found in the sources listed in this syllabus (it is your duty to search  for them, read, analyze, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your  answers, and cite the authors who wrote the articles, books, term  papers, memoirs, studies, etc. What it means is that you will have not less than 4 references from the listed sources.
  2. Grammatically correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
  3. Problem numbers must be typed out as headings, with follow-up answers in paragraph format.

The Assignment must be in APA format

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