Posted: September 16th, 2023

The case of lam and slory pte ltd

Slory Pte Ltd are owned by Sim and Tom. They are also Slory Pte Ltd’s directors.

Lam works for Slippery Pte Ltd and his job involves keeping the premises clean.

While descending the stairs one morning to retrieve his cleaning tools, one of the

wooden steps got dislodged and Lam slipped and fell. He fractured his leg and

was bedridden for a couple of months. Slory Pte Ltd had previously sent out a

circular via email to its employees about the faulty steps and advised that the

elevators be used instead. On the day of the incident, the elevators were being


a) Advise Lam on the possibility of initiating a claim against Slory Pte Ltd.

(10 marks)

b) Lam finds out that Sim and Tom are wealthy, and wants them to pay him for

his injury. Explain whether he would be able to do so. Would it make a

difference if Sim and Tom operate their business as a partnership?

(16 marks)

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