Posted: September 15th, 2023

Edmg 320 | Geology homework help


Part A 300 Words

What is mass movement? Define and provide examples of the differing types of mass movement events.

Discuss the potential causes of mass movement. In terms of the root causes, is the threat of mass movement ever-present, or might it rather be a seasonal or recurrent risk? State your support for either as well as indicate where (geographically) such hazard risk might be ever-present and where it might be seasonally recurrent.

Part B 300 Words

1. Review the Incident Action Plan Excel file.
2. Explain why having access to this tool and knowing how to use it will enhance your ICS knowledge.

The Microsoft Excel file is the preferred version to use.  However, there are numerous electronic versions of the ICS forms available including apps in Google Play and the App Store.  Here are some for your use.  Feel free to utilize others that serve the same purpose.

ICS Forms Workbook.xls – Microsoft Excel (this is the preferred document to use)

ICS Forms Workbook – *pdf (this is a *pdf version of the Microsoft Excel file)

NIMS/ICS Forms Booklet – *pdf (complete version from FEMA)

The ICS forms can also be downloaded from FEMA here:

Your initial post is due on Thursday. 

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