Posted: August 12th, 2023

Our gut microbiome | Science homework help


Consider the following article: Revisit gut microbiota and its impact on human health and disease.

Our gut microbiome has been shown to be a key modulator of human health. The organisms that are part of our normal gut microflora have been proven to be involved in many aspects of our overall health. There are more microbes in and on us than we have human cells. Not only bacteria, but fungi, viruses, and other microbes are present in and on the human body.Initial PostFor your initial discussion post, research one of the major human diseases, longevity, or infant health that have been shown to be impacted by our gut microbiota and discuss the accuracy and validity of the claims. How can we best utilize this knowledge in our own lives? Can we help those we love with their health issues by helping to modify their gut microbiota?

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