Posted: August 11th, 2023

Week 5 discussion | SOC 450 – Solutions to Global Issues | Strayer University

LISTEN UP, CLASS!!! Surprised Surprised

I know you are busy completing the Week 6 assignment. This week I would like to do something a little different.

Please Read Carefully and Respond to Each Task: 

TASK A:  Review the Strayer University video, “The Driven.” Answer the following questions in complete sentence format: 

1) What are your impressions of this movie? Which speakers seem more relatable to your academic journey? How does their journey inspire others?

2) How do you stay motivated to complete your degree? In other words, who or what helps you through the tough and/or good times as you move forward?  Note! Please complete this task with at least 250 words.

TASK B) Respond to another student’s discussion post.

NOTE! Please remember that this is an OPEN discussion. Do not post confidential information. There is no need to provide a REFERENCE this week. 

Strayer University – The Driven (Movie)

YouTube URL:  

NOTE!! If you have trouble viewing the video from this site, simply copy and paste the YouTube URL into another tab. 


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