Posted: August 11th, 2023

Respond to two discussion post wk1 (group counseling and counseling

Due: Wednesday June 28, 2023

Course: School Group Counseling and Counseling Theories

Read Instructions:

Read and Watch the following Video:

Review the following:

Watch the following:

Week 1 – Discussion 1: 

Prepare a substantive response to the following:

  • What needs did you identify from the article about the Iceland intervention?
  • How many different types of interventions do you see in this study?
  • What three ways might you see these interventions in your school community?
  • What are some obstacles and challenges that might make it difficult to implement a similar program in your school community?

Week 1 – Discussion 2: Group Work in Schools

Prepare a substantive response to the following:

  • In what respects do the ideas from the Iceland intervention and the TED talk on the Power of Introverts, influence your thinking about potentially doing group work in schools?


* No word minimum

*Answer all questions

* Number and or label the answer corresponding to the question

*Be through

*No plagiarism

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