Posted: August 11th, 2023

Part 2 | bmis | Kennesaw State University

original topology attached (must have cisco packet tracer)



1) Open a new / blank Packet Tracer window that does not have any devices

2) Add the same devices from Part 1 but use your first name and last name as a prefix. For example, if your name is “Amy Smith”, router one will be named: “R1_Amy_Smith”. Router 2 will be named “R2_Amy_Smith” and so on.

3) In addition to the existing network topology, add the necessary devices for a fault tolerant and highly available 3-tier network architecture or stronger network topology design.

4) Support the new network design with a minimum of one proper framework from scholarly literature. Include best practices, standards, and/or theory from literature that validates the design is fault tolerant and highly available.

5) Design a new IP address table for all devices using any IP address in the prefix range or to All addresses can be IPv4 for simplicity. 

6)  Create the similar VLANs from Part 1 but name them with your first name and last name and a department like human resources (HR) and sales. For example, if your name is “Amy Smith” they should be:

a) F0/1 is the native trunk for VLAN 99.

b) F0/7 – F0/18 as access ports in VLAN amysmith_HR.

c) F0/19 – F0/24 as access ports in VLAN amysmith_Sales.

7) Configure PPP and OSPF with similar configurations as Part 1. You only need to configure IPv4. IPv6 is not necessary.

8) Configure proper static IP addresses for the ISP router.

9) Configure the PCs and Web Server from Part 1 with IPv4 addresses.

10) Configure the new architecture design according to the supported framework from research. Add the necessary hardware, media, protocols, and configurations that ensure fault tolerance and high availability within the VLANs, LAN(s), datacenter(s), and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

11) Configure proper servers, VLANs, and OSPF areas to support the new network design.

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