Posted: August 11th, 2023

I.t in healthcare | Applied Sciences homework help


Course Objective for Assignment:  

  • Analyze the flow of data and information among disparate health information systems to support internal and external business processes

Assume you have been hired as a Manager by a local Physician office and entrusted with the responsibility of implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR). The EHR would be acquired from the commercially available EHR systems on the market (called off-the-shelf). Your first assignment is to list and describe features of commercially available EHR systems for the selection of the desired functions for the Physician office. In a 2-4 pages report as Word document, address the following:

     1. List features of the commercially available EHR systems for the Physician office. 

     2. Describe the function(s) of each feature and its application for the healthcare managerial processes. 

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