Posted: August 11th, 2023

Education research paper | Management homework help

I.  Name: 

2. My broad research paper topic I selected is: Reimaging the purpose and process of schools

3. My narrower, focus sub topic is: Increasing the education of ethics in schools

4. Addressing/learning about/exploring this topic may benefit society by: 

 In today’s world, ethics are crucial in all aspects of life. Education is a fundamental aspect of life for humans. Therefore, ethics play a significant and beneficial role in education. 

5. Two journal articles* related to my topic are (make sure references are in APA format):

1. Mathur, S. R., & Corley, K. M. (2014, August 21). Bringing ethics into the classroom: Making a case for frameworks … – ed.

2. Flanagan, L. (2019, May 24). What students gain from Learning Ethics in school. KQED.

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