Posted: August 6th, 2023

Psychology capstone- individual project 5

The XYZ Corporation has decided to make some changes to help with the work–life balance of its employees. Currently, the organization has 40 employees: 25 full-time employees and 15 part-time employees. Each part-time employee currently works 20 hours on the grounds of XYZ and spends 5 hours working from home. The full-time employees work 30 hours a week on the grounds of XYZ and travel 10 hours per week for sales. XYZ has rolled out a new product that will require more travel time for the employees to gain more customers. On top of travel, more online time will be required to meet with international customers via online video calls. The initial proposal is that all part-time employees will need to be on the grounds of XYZ for their full 25 hours a week, while the full-time employees will split their work week as follows:

20 hours on the grounds of XYZ

15 hours of travel

5 hours working from home

This arrangement has not been given a time line, but it is expected to last at least 6 months.

Use the scenario above when addressing the following questions- You will only need to answer the questions based on your concentration: OB (Organizational Behavior) 

Part 1: Leadership as it Relates to your Concentration

OB: What leadership traits would aid you in explaining the change in routine to your employees?

Part 2: Analyze and Organizational Change

Find two articles about a business going through an organizational change and discuss the following. 

OB: What was the impact of organizational change on the employees?  What were the motivational factors that inhibited the change or aided the change? 

Part 3: Psychology of Change

OB: Why do relationships matter between employees and leaders during change?  Use psychological theories support your position. 

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