Posted: August 6th, 2023

Hero week 1 | Operations Management homework help


Case Study Assignment Instructions

For each Case Study Assignment, you will read the assigned case study and analyze the case scenario/research through a series of questions. The overall structure of each case is similar in that each case begins with an abstract followed by a description of the scenario/research and concludes with a discussion about the situation. The discussion is simply a series of unique questions about the case scenario that you will answer as your Case Study Assignment

No abstract is required for the Case Study Assignment nor are an introduction or conclusion; simply type the questions as an APA style heading and respond. Ensure the following are met:

· Must be supported with at least 4 scholarly (peer reviewed) research articles in your response. 

· Must be at least 900 words (the word count does not include the question text, cover page, or reference page)

· Use proper grammar, current APA format and submit in MS Word format

The cases can be found in McGraw Hill Connect or as documents in the Resources section

The questions for each Case Study Assignment can be found in McGraw Hill Connect as follows: 

· Hero Builder’s Case Study Assignment: see case page 2

· Open Door’s Extending Hospitality to Travelers with Disabilities Case Study Assignment: see case page 6

· Donatos Finding the New Pizza Case Study Assignment: see case page 3

View the Case Study Resources section under each Case Study page

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