Posted: August 6th, 2023

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International News Current Events Assignment

This is an assignment designed to get students in the overall mindset of the course’s overall theme: global health, and it allows us to be aware of how the theme is currently being applied in our current world.

1. Students should find a news article published online (not a blog or research assignment) within 30 days prior to the course start and up until the assignment’s due date. So, the article should not be older than Apri. 8, 2023. Note an automatic 25 points will be deducted for assignments that do not use a news story within the required timeframe.

  • The article should be posted by a news station (i.e., CNN, MSNBC, or etc.); feel free to send the professor a canvas message if you’re unsure the article you’ve selected would be approved for this assignment. 
    • An easy way to find a news article is to enter your keyword search into Google, and then, filter the results on “news.”
  • It must have an overall healthcare theme.
  • The setting of the article’s primary location must be a country outside of the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

2. Provide a synopsis of the article. For organizational purposes. It’s recommended to put the synopsis under one sub-header.

  • This is not to be copied word for word (i.e., long quotations). Information should be paraphrased clearly displaying that the student has a firm understanding of the article. Stronger submissions will leverage other sources that relate to the main article in focus.

3. Next, start a new header, and under it, discuss why this article was selected and how it relates to one point in our textbook reading

Prior to submitting, note the following:

  • Students should submit grammatically appropriate work. Obvious issues like run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and no paragraphs should be avoided.
  • All submissions should be in MS Word file format and follow APA guidelines: cover page, running header, page number, references, and in-text citations.
  • Submissions should be at least 400 words but no more than 800 words. It is recommended students use the word counter in the bottom right-hand corner of MS Word to keep track.
  • A sample template is provided.
  • In total, there should be at least two references (the actual article and another credible source), but there can be more.

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