Posted: August 6th, 2023

4-1 practice activity: types of sanctions


In this assignment, you will describe the purposes, benefits, and drawbacks of different types of sanctions.


Using the provided Module Four Practice Activity Template Word Document, describe the purpose of at least five different types of sanctions. Then, describe one benefit and one drawback for each type. Each response should not exceed 25 words.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Identify types of sanctions.
  • Describe the purpose of each sanction type.
  • Describe the benefits of each sanction type.
  • Describe the drawbacks of each sanction type.

What to Submit

This assignment must be completed using the Module Four Practice Activity template. Any references must be cited in APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

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