Posted: August 4th, 2023

Recital information | Criminal homework help

 This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.Instructions

In order to prepare for the Recital Reflection assignment, you must select a live classical or musical theater performance near you to attend. There are many free live events available. Tips for finding local, free, classical or musical theater events are provided. The performance must take place anytime between Monday of Week 4 and Friday of Week 7. Include the name of performance, date, time, and location you wish to attend. If available, the link to a webpage that advertised the performance or a photo / screenshot of the advertisement should also be included.

Alternative performance options (live-streamed recitals) may be approved for students in extenuating circumstances (deployment, rural location, etc.) at the instructor’s discretion. If you think you may need to request an alternative performance option, you should let your instructor know at this time, including the extenuating circumstance.

Keep in mind, the Recital Information Form must be approved in advance in order to receive full credit on the Recital Reflection. Instructor approval and/or suggestions may be found within the gradebook comments for this item

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