Posted: August 4th, 2023

Human sexuality throughout history time-line powerpoint


.  These historical-cultural influences include such events as the sexual  revolution, the control of conception, the emergence of contraception,  as well as the redefining of gender roles throughout history. Many of  these events changed the way sexuality is viewed today. 

Create a Power Point Presentation which includes the following:

Identify a minimum of 8 important historical events that you believe influence sexuality

For each event include:

  • Date
  • Brief  description of each historical event (what happened, when, and where.   Include an APA formatted in text citations showing the source of your  information. 
  • A visual element
  • A  written analysis of how/why you believe the event influenced sexuality.  (minimum of 50 words).  Your analysis must be based on the  instructional material provided in the current module or other credible  source.  

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