Posted: August 4th, 2023

Business finance – accounting unit 5 project assignment: outline

American Music Artist Prince

 Background and explanation of your special topic. 

• Brief background of your American musician/artist. 

• The relationship your American musician/artist had to this special topic and the contributions they have made. 

• An explanation of how your American musician/artist connected to and influenced both music and American society and culture.  


Before creating your presentation, it is best to have a plan. For this assignment, you will create an outline for your presentation. 

The outline should be organized how you intend to present your information. 


Your outline should have an Introduction section, Body section, and Conclusion section. 

The Body section should be organized according to themes you will discuss in your project. The scholarly sources you are using must be included in the sections in which you plan to discuss their content. 


• Provide an Open, Body, and Conclusion. 

• Outline is well elaborated according to theme and fully supported with specific examples. 

• Use at least three (3) scholarly resources. 

• Use appropriate spelling, grammar, and APA citations and references. 

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