Posted: August 4th, 2023

Biases and oppression | Psychology homework help


Have you ever been oppressed? After reviewing this week’s material, have you realized that you might have been the oppressor, even unconsciously? We have read about areas of oppression and biases. In his video, Dushaw Hockett challenges us to consider our biases. In this discussion, let’s talk about our experiences.

For your opening post:

  • If you can identify a situation where you were oppressed in one of the areas listed, share your story. 
  • If you cannot identify a situation where you were oppressed but realized you have a bias, share your story and how you may have oppressed someone or might have done so in the future before you were made aware of it.

Since these are personal stories, there is no need to support your story with references.

Submission Instructions:

  • Initial post should be a minimum of 450 words.

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