Posted: August 2nd, 2023

Questions for answer !!! | Human Resource Management homework help

 First Section

Review Section 8.1 – Steps to Take in Training an Employee (pgs. 246-251) and Section 8.3 – Training Delivery Methods (pgs. 260-265). 

(You have to choose from the Option one or Option second down below)

Option One:

Discuss the types of training you have participated in as an employee. What was the experience like? What impact did it have on you? Did you benefit from this training? What suggestions would you make to improve the training? Did you see evidence (describe) from the behavior or actions of employees that the training was effective? How did this training benefit the employees and the company?

Option Two:

Discuss the types of training that you would like to participate in as an employee. How would you make this a positive experience? What would you suggest occur in the training that would make it beneficial? What specific behaviors would you suggest that the training might impact or improve? How would this training benefit the employees and the company?

Second Section (These are the questions to answer)


After reading Chapter 10, read, consider, and respond to the following in complete sentences, utilizing the referenced pages and topics in your responses:

  1. Review the 11 Types of Performance Issues found on pages 317-319. Identify the top three performance issues you believe are most common in the workplace. Describe how you would communicate with a manager the proper way to deal with these issues in order to work with and keep an employee on their staff.
  2. Summarize the Seven Tests of Just Cause found on pages 325-327. Choose one of the tests and explain how you would communicate its importance to a manager who wants to discipline an employee or fire them on the spot.
  3. What is “progressive discipline” and how would you explain this to a manager who wants to fire an employee immediately?
  4. What is “employment-at-will” and how is this related to “wrongful discharge” and what can an HR professional do to ensure managers protect the company from allegations of wrongful discharge?
  5. In your role as an HR partner, review each of the situations in order to make a recommendation to a manager. Determine if you think the employee should receive immediate termination, progressive discipline, or coaching and provide justification for your responses:
  • The employee stole one pack of office paper, stating he would be using it at home to perform his job.
  • An employee posted how boring her job is on a Facebook status update. You know she is Facebook friends with several clients.
  • The employee groped a colleague in the break room.
  • You saw the employee’s résumé posted on LinkedIn, stating she was looking for a new job.
  • The manager has told you the employee is difficult to work with and not liked by his colleagues.
  • An employee complains of unfair treatment or favoritism in their work unit and begins to see every action taken by his manager as a symptom of this problem.

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