Posted: August 1st, 2023

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Laboratory Math Solutions – Assignment #4

1. You need to prepare 150mL of a 3.5% solution of NaCl and distilled water.

a. How much NaCl would you use?

b. How much water would you use?

2. How would you prepare 600mL of a 4% alcohol solution from a 20% alcohol solution?

3. If your procedure tells states to add 15g of BSA to 150mL of water to prepare the reagent. How much BSA would you need to prepare 650mL of the reagent.

4. You need to prepare a 5mg/dL NaCL solution. If you need 300mL of this solution, how much NaCl do you need to mix with 300mL of solvent?

5. If you use 4g of sucrose to make a 2.5% (mass/volume) solution. What is the volume of solution you made?



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