Posted: August 1st, 2023

Homework week 5 | leadership | Academic Career & Executive Search


Learning Exercise Analysis 2: Organizational, Political, and Personal Power/Organizing Patient Care

Solve one of the following Learning Exercises from Marquis and Huston’s Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing, 10th edition.

•Learning Exercise 13.3 (page 333)

•Learning Exercise 13.8 (pages 347–348)

•Learning Exercise 13.10, Situation 1 (page 349)

•Learning Exercise 14.4, Situation 3 (page 364)

  1. List which Learning Exercise you are solving at the start of your analysis and provide a brief summary of the case.
  2. Be sure to apply an appropriate problem-solving/decision-making model (Traditional Problem-Solving Process, Managerial Decision-Making Model, The Nursing Process, or the Integrated Ethical Problem-Solving Model) in determining what you should do.
  3. Justify your decision with supporting evidence

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