Posted: July 31st, 2023

tnt 700.2p knowledge of students and student needs


Knowledge of Students and Student Needs 


Effective teaching begins with understanding your students: how they learn, their background and issues that they might face.  In the course, TCR 300 Meet Your Students, you were introduced to twenty-four students who are representative of the students in Texas. Several of these students have significant academic issues and/or emotional issues that may impact their performance.  This performance-based assessment requires you to identify and research the societal or cultural issues that are faced by four of these students and how they impact their achievement.

Please allow 3 – 5 business days for scoring. 

Project Directions

Using PowerPoint or Google Slides, you are to create a presentation appropriate for use with other educators or parents.  In this presentation you are to do the following:

  • Identify each student and the      issue he or she is facing. You must use the four student profiles provided      below.  Please DO NOT copy and paste the descriptions provided.       Rather, you should explain what you feel are the core issues each face      after reading the description.
  • Identify the developmental      impact of each issue.  How is the issue impacting the student in      the classroom?  What does the teacher see that is interfering with      learning?  You will need to include the research that is directly      related to the issues and aligned to the developmental goals for the      students. For example, you might include a statement such as       “According to Dr. I. M. Expert, cyber-bullying is detrimental to a      student’s development because it makes students feel unsafe.” 
  • Research and provide resources      that are directly related to the issue and are aligned to the      developmental goals for students. These are resources a parent or teacher      could use to learn more about the issue and how to address the impact of      the issue.  These are resources that may be available in your      community, such as food banks, language lessons for parents, etc. You may      also choose to include resources that are available from federal, state,      and local governments.  These are NOT the resources used in your      research.
  • You will suggest supports      teachers can use in the classroom to mitigate the impacts of the      issue. 
  • Your presentation should be at      least 11 slides long. You are expected to have an introductory slide, two slides      per student,a closing slide, and a resource/bibliography page for the      sources you use in the project.
  • The presentation must be your      original work, and professional in its use of images, language and      formatting. Use of another’s work will earn an automatic zero and may be      grounds for dismissal from the program. 

Material needed and evaluation criteria

The full instructions and necessary information are found in the TNT 700.2P Knowledge of Students and Student Needs document. Your project will be scored using criteria outlined in the TNT 700.2P Rubric. The criteria includes the identification and explanation of student issues and needs; the developmental impact of those needs; supports and resources available in the school and community, and the overall professionalism of the presentation. To successfully complete the project and avoid resubmission, study both the directions and the criteria for evaluation carefully. Download both documents to begin. 


When you are ready to submit your assignment click the Submit Assignment button. Be sure to refer to the rubric for more detailed information about fulfilling the expectations of this assignment. You must score at least 40 points out of 50 points to pass this assignment.

When you receive a passing score, return to the home page and select the “Course Complete” page to conclude this course and post the completion date to your portal. Failure to do so will delay the portal update to your account. 

Do not take this step until you have received a passing grade.  Doing so will remove you from the course and if you have not passed will delay your completion. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for scoring.

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