Posted: July 30th, 2023

Week 6 problem (mkt6250 healthcare marketing)


Week 6 Problems 

Chapters 13 and 14

  1. The director of      a cardiac rehabilitation program was recently approached by a sales      representative from the community newspaper selling advertising      space.  The sales representative underscored the fact that the paper      had the largest circulation of any of the three papers serving the area,      had just implemented a digital edition, and had the lowest cost per      thousand.  Before deciding to use this medium, what other factors      should the program director consider?
  2. You have just      been tasked with directing a major campaign initiative in the rollout of      the new regional comprehensive cancer center.  Although historically      the medical center had relied on traditional media, the marketplace has      shifted and will now be allocating a greater proportion of the budget to      digital approaches.  However, one concern is that in the immediate      metro area, there are still two major newspapers that have strong      readership among seniors along with a monthly metro magazine.  The      medical center’s Facebook page has approximately 16,000 followers, which      is quite strong, and an active blog page.  You recognize that it is      important to consider testing any copy for the various media alternative      that you use.  What approaches should be considered for the alternative      media under consideration?
  3. Describe how      you would balance the allocation of f2fversus digital sales support to the      following scenarios as a sales manager: 
    1. Your company       has received an email request for a reorder for a total knee prothesis       and instrumentation system.  You are the sales manager for Smith       & Nephew (       
    2. Links to an external site.).        The health system has ordered from you in the past.  Should you       direct its representatives to the website with an order form and invoice       them or send the representative to the health system?  Is there some       combination that may be more appropriate?
    3. As the       director of physician liaisons for a major academic medical center in the       southeastern part of the United States, you have just met with the chief       medical officer (CMO) of the clinical practice.  The institution has       received approval for its proton-beam therapy center and is fast-tracking       the facility building of the center because a donor has committed funds,       and it will be a joint venture with a proprietary organization.        Opening is scheduled for 18 months. The CMO has asked you for a sales       plan to educate the physicians in the four-state referral region over the       next six months as well as how the plan will evolve over time as it moves       to opening date.  Describe the evolution of the plan relative to its       emphasis in terms of f2f, digital, or hybrid strategy.
  4. A manufacturer      of prosthetic devises has decided to review his company’s sales      compensation system.  Historically, sales-people were paid on      straight salary.  Although the company has grown in recent years, the      president is convinced that the sales force could generate more sales      volume.  A major part of the sales job is missionary, yet with the      increasing number of physician groups expanding into rehabilitative      medicine, a new target market is possible.  The manufacturer is also      concerned that not all the products in the line have the same      margin.  What form of compensation would you recommend?

End of chapter conceptual problems evaluate your understanding of key concepts and elements of the Health Care Marketing learned in the chapters. Showing an understanding of the problems using clear logic and supporting facts, you must address the problems analytically and thoroughly. The Assignment must follow the following guidelines:

  1. You must use      citations with references to document information obtained from sources.      The key elements of Health Care Marketing are found in the sources listed      in this syllabus (it is your duty to search for them, read, analyze,      evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your answers, and cite the authors who      wrote the articles, books, term papers, memoirs, studies, etc. What it      means is that you will have not less than 4 references from the      listed sources.
  2. Grammatically correct      paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proofread for logic.
  3. Problem numbers      must be typed out as headings, with follow-up answers in paragraph format.

The Assignment must be in APA format  

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