Posted: July 30th, 2023

Reading reflection 1 | English homework help

Search the web for a contemporary marketing or brand image for a specific food. This could be an advertisement, an image from a container, and even a short promotional video (like a commercial). Please select something you find to be interesting, thought provoking, and perhaps relevant to some key ideas in the class so far. This does NOT have to be something posted in the US or Europe. I encourage you to think globally.

Once you have your short video/commercial, please prepare an interpretation of the image with these questions in mind.  You must select ONE of the learning objectives in your book on page 3 and use that objective as a framework for your interpretation.  It’s important that you actually read the textbook in order to understand the full meaning of the learning objective.

For example, “Identify the cultural construction of edibility and how food conveys meaning and value.”

  • POST your image or video (the actual image in a small size format is ideal OR a link to the video web site). After that, you will include your 4-5 sentence (100 words minimum) interpretation.

I have attached the picture of book below. 

NOTE: Should be in simple english.

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