Posted: July 29th, 2023

Crossing culture | Architecture and Design homework help

Read on Japonisme and Western Artists “Crossing Cultures” 

Imagine that James Whistler and Mary Cassatt are members of a panel discussion on the influence of Japanese prints on their works. it is crucial that you find out things on the two artists, their works, and characteristics of Japanese prints that were available at that time. 

1. Compose a sentence that is a question that you would like to ask one of the two artists regarding their work. 

The three questions should not be a simple fact request, but one that indicates some understanding of the issues raised AND it should be answerable within a reasonable level. INCLUDE the name of the artist that you are addressing.  

2. Then compose a sentence that is a reply to the questions, indicating that you have an understanding about the artist and his or her work.

Length 2 page maximum, no Title page/reference needed.

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