Posted: July 28th, 2023

Poetry 3 questions based on 3-4 min videos. need complete answers and

Unit 4 covers a lot of ground conceptually. Choose either Eliot’s “The Wasteland,” Ginsberg’s “Howl,” or Boonaa Mohammed’s “Green Card” and discuss the understanding of the relationship between the individual and society that the poem conveys. Form an original claim along those lines, and support it with quotes from the literature. **Please be specific in describing the parts of and eras in society that you are writing about (Example: contemporary American society).**The following questions will be useful to think about before writing your response:


  1. How does this poem present the individual and the individual’s role in society?
  2. Does this poem show the individual as victim, victor, or both?
  3. Does the poem present a realistic account of the person/people relationship?Is the social context in which an individual exists responsible for the actions and thoughts of the individual?



Mohammed’s “Green Card”


“The Wasteland,”


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