Posted: July 27th, 2023

Supply chain tracing | Human Resource Management homework help

Supply Chain Tracing (50 Points)
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Explore the laptop map. What can you tell from the map about the supply chain of a typical laptop? Is the scope of it as you expected? Why? Write a description of the supply chain tracing it fully around the world. Finally, will the carbon footprint of a typical laptop, based on this map, be high or low? Explain.
It is recommended also that you check out this Sourcemap presentation about their innovative company found below:
Also, it is recommended that you read this article:
Sourcemap: eco-design, sustainable supply chains, and radical transparency 

Your reflection should be 2-3 pages, well written, and formatted per CSU-Global specifications for APA Style.
Be sure to use specific details, proper punctuation, spelling and grammar; points will be deducted accordingly.

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