Posted: July 27th, 2023

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 The difference between research utilization and evidence-based practice

            Research utilization is basically conducted to process the research and to obtain more data for the research that was conducted earlier. It is a method of incorporating and applying research based intervention practically. Results of a certain study are implemented into a practice that are not related to the study, this is referred to as research utilization. It focuses specifically on applying scientific research findings in nursing practices. Research utilization is used to alter the impact on the practice of nursing. It includes application of opinions from the experts and patients’ reports, which can be applied in the treatment process (Schaffer, Sandau & Diedrick, 2014).

Evidence based practice involves the practice and performance of care and the treatment process which has already been implemented successfully or given positive results. Evidence based practice enhances the nursing practices in healthcare and ensures the quality of the care given to the patients is improved. Hence, implementing evidence based research in nursing practices helps to increase knowledge and elevate the nursing care standards. Evidence based practice implements the best current evidences to come up with better decisions on health care. It is very useful to researches related to nursing since it supports the hypothesis of the nursing research and scientific literature, which helps in the clinical trials (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2017).

Evidence based practice is research utilization that employs other considerations specific to the problem that is being solved. Evidence based practice uses the present evidences to make better decisions regarding the patients while research utilization aims to put in practice the implementation of the research study.

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