Posted: July 27th, 2023

Intro to database | Computer Science homework help

A Database for a Library of a University



·         Each book has different ID (also each book of same name and same author (but number of copies) will have different ID), author name and any additional information you think it is important.

·         Students and faculty can borrow books.

·         Each student and faculty can borrow books but the book cannot be borrowed by more than one borrower in the same time.

·         There is a limited number of books can be borrowed each semester.

·         The date of borrowing and return must be registered.



·         Develop an E-R diagram for the library database.

·         The relation schemas for the library database.

·         Normalization of the relations (your relations should be in 4NF)

·         SQL statements for creating all tables in your ERD.

·         Populate your database with sample data. Each table should have a minimum of five rows.

·         SQL queries to test your database:

o   Find all students who have borrowed books.

o   Find all books name and their authors.

o   Any additional query you think it is useful.



·         Use Microsoft Office Access to create your database.



·         A file contains the E-R diagram and the schemas (before and after normalization).

·         A file contains all SQL statements of creating tables, insert data.

·         A file contains SQL queries.

·         Submit all files on Blackboard by the due date.

·         The final Access .mdb file of the database


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