Posted: July 27th, 2023

Healthcare strategic management ct 1

 For this Career Development assignment, complete the following:

  • Initiate a focused job search online using industry key words. (COO-Chief Operations Officer for a Community Health Center)
  • Develop a resume that would support applying for positions you have found.
    • When developing your resume, consider the skills and job duties listed in the job descriptions and relate them to your education and experience. (NCMA-National Certified Medical Assistant, EMT-Emergency Medical Technician, BS- Healthcare Management and Administration, MS-in Healthcare Administration)
  • Conduct a practice interview either on your own (using flashcards with prepared questions), with the help of a friend/family member, or with a professional in your field.
  • Develop a well-written two- to three-page paper that includes the following:
    • The results of your job search
    • Your resume
    • What you learned in developing your resume
    • An assessment of your experience in a practice interview, including what you learned that you can apply to a real-life interview.

Always follow APA style.

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