Posted: July 27th, 2023

Benchmark asd philosophy | Education homework help


Write a 850-1,000-word philosophy as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist ( ASD) that specifically addresses how you will integrate the following key elements from the CEC ( Council for exceptional Children)  advanced preparation standards in your practice as an ASD specialist. Include examples of your accomplishments/assignments that addresses each one of the elements. Please be sure label the standard that is being addressed throughout the essay.  Use the attached rubric for a guide. 

1. Use understanding of cultural, social, and economic diversity and individual learner differences to inform the development and improvement of programs, supports, and services for individuals with exceptionalities.  (CEC 3.2)

2. Apply knowledge of theories, evidence-based practices, and relevant laws to advocate for programs, supports, and services for individuals with exceptionalities. (CEC 3.3)

3. Evaluate progress toward achieving the vision, mission, and goals of programs, services, and supports for individuals with exceptionalities.   (CEC 3.5)

4. Evaluate research and inquiry to identify effective practices.   (CEC 4.1)

5. Use knowledge of the professional literature to improve practices with individuals with exceptionalities and their families.   (CEC 4.2)

6. Foster an environment that is supportive of continuous instructional improvement and engage in the design and implementation of research and inquiry.   (CEC 4.3)

7. Actively promote the advancement of the profession.    (CEC 6.7)

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