Posted: July 26th, 2023

Longer research paper | English homework help

Paper title : Coca-Cola marketing in China and the United States



Paper Format:

Length of Draft: 3 paragraphs (Introduction + 2 supporting points)
Length of Final Version: 6-8* typed, double-spaced pages *Does not include the References List

Left and Right Margins: 1 inch (change manually in Microsoft Word)

Font: Times New Roman (no other font)

Font Size: 12 




Structure of the Longer Research Paper:

Your longer research paper will include the following three parts:

(1.) Introduction [¾ page-1 page/1 paragraph]: The introduction should contain the following:


A. Overview of Topic [3-4 sentences]: In the opening sentences of your longer research paper, you will state your research topic and make a few general statements about it.

B. Statement of Purpose [2 sentences]:Following the overview of the topic, you should provide a short statement that explains why your research topic is important. Be specific. Tell your reader your purpose in writing about your research topic.

            C. Thesis [2-3 sentences/5-6 points]: Once you have stated your purpose, you will then state your thesis. Your thesis must be contain your research topic and focus and answer your research question. In addition, your thesis must contain 5-6 points that are relevant to your research topic and focus.

(2A.) Body [4-6 pages/5-7 paragraphs]: In the body of your longer research paper, you will write paragraphs that address your thesis statement. Each paragraph should contain the following:

             A. Topic Sentences: The topic sentence of each paragraph will clearly state the point as it relates to your thesis.

             B. Body of each Paragraph: The body of each paragraph will supply evidence from one or both of your sources to support the point you make in the topic sentence.

(2B.) Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing: In the body of the longer research paper, you will be expected to rely mostly upon paraphrasing to convey the ideas from both of your sources. 


However, you will be permitted to do a limited amount of quoting. Quoting should only be done when you strongly feel that the original words of the author will have a great impact on the reader of your synthesis paper than your own words.

             A. Number of Quotations: limited to no more than one quotation per page (no quotations are permitted in the introduction or the conclusion).

             B. Length of Quotations: limited to no more than two lines of text.


  C. Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success: you must paraphrase and/or quote at least once from the book.

(3.) Conclusion [¾ page-1 page/1 paragraph]: The conclusion should contain the following:

A. Analysis of Thesis Points [2-3 sentences]: In the opening sentences of your conclusion, you will paraphrase the points of your thesis. *Note: You will not restate your thesis.


B. Final Statements [2-3 sentences]:Following the restatement of your main points, you will make a few short statements that leave your reader with something to think about with regard to your research topic.

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