Posted: July 26th, 2023

Due before paper | English homework help

This discussion is due before the critical thinking paper previously posted. Please review before paper


Paper outline in attachment


Go back to the final paper topic you chose and worked on during week 4, and respond to the following:


           1.  What term/terms need to be defined in order to make your paper clear? Provide a definition (and a source, if your definition comes from a dictionary/encyclopedia).




2. What is the position that you are going to defend in your final paper?

3. What are the needs and values (= root elements) that your position defends? (Don’t forget to also explain what ‘needs and values’ are in general as they are defined in Chapter 11; provide references for your explanation.)


4. What is your opponent’s position regarding the topic in question?

5. What are the needs and values that your opponent has in mind in defending his or her position? 

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