Posted: July 26th, 2023

Career awareness activity | Psychology homework help

Description:  You are planning a Career Awareness Activity at your school.  You want the students to be aware of a variety of careers that represent various Career Clusters. Choose an educational level, (Elementary, Middle, High School, Higher Ed) and plan a Career Awareness Activity. You may choose to include the information in a PowerPoint presentation or paper.

l.  Choose the Educational Level

2.  Choose time of the year of the activity.

3.  Explain how your career activity will be organized.  Be creative and include the details of what you would like your day or week of activities to look like. Include careers in the various career clusters.  Who will be included?  What will they do? How will they be arranged? 

4.  Explain the objectives and outcomes. How will you evaluate the activity?  What did the students learn? What will the students know at the conclusion of the activity?

5.  What additional activities could you include to expand the activity?

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