Posted: July 26th, 2023

Assignment: design of ethics program

Assignment: Design of Ethics Program 
In a 5–7 page document, outline an ethics program designed for a new company. Tables 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, and 5.12 in PDF Attachment will provide assistance with the elements that you choose to include.
Guide on how to complete the Assignment:
The “outline” required for should be presented in standard written format, i.e. not in an outline format. If for example I am asked to outline the most important factors of parenting I might provide the following. 

The most important factors of parenting are structure, safety, nurture, and guidance. These factors help to ensure that the child will grow up to be well rounded and mentally balanced. Blah, blah, blah. NOTICE: these are my primary points of interest. The remainder of the paper will discuss why these four points are important, how they may impact the child now and in the future, etc. 

Thus there should be a discussion of the points that you deem are important in an ethics plan, and not just a list of bullet points.
The document is to be well-referenced and in APA format.
APA Required Format as follows.
References listed on the Reference page should be cited in the text. Please use in-text citations, consistent with APA formatting. In-text citations give credit to other authors and highlights areas in the paper that are explicitly not your original work. Content requires, “References are applied substantively to the paper topic”. Absent in-text citations, the paper does not address this content requirement. Similarly, Analysis requires a demonstration of, “strong higher-order critical thinking and analysis”. If your thoughts and analysis are not distinguished from those of other authors, assessing your analytical ability is difficult. The following formatting issues should be addressed for future papers: APA formatting requires a title page, there should be a page break to separate the reference page from the body of the text, and include a running header. Separate paragraphs with indentions. Indented paragraphs increase the quality of the content and readability of the paper the text should be double spaced and new paragraphs should be indented. Your score for this paper was based on the following rubric: 
Direct quotes may constitute no more than 10-15% of student papers and assignments. Excessive quotation – more than 15% – does not reflect the student’s original thinking. Submissions with excessive quotation will be marked down for lack of originality.

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