Posted: July 22nd, 2023

Research-driven long, formal report and presentation: reduction of

NEED BY TUESDAY, 10/27 at 11:30am EST


PART 1: Write a 500-750-word Research-Driven Long, Formal Report for Reduction os Business Costs that proposes a change to the workplace or proposes a new initiative using the components of ethical business communication.Your report should look similar to the example in Ch.18 of Workplace Writing. It must include the following headings:



·         List of illustrations

·         Abstract

·         Introduction

·         Discussion

·         Conclusion/Recommendation

·         Glossary

·         References


Note. The cover page and references pages will not count toward your final word count.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


PART 2: Create a 10- to 15-slidepresentation, including detailed presenter notes, (using Microsoft®PowerPoint®, Prezi, or another presentation software as approved by your instructor) to accompany your written report. Include any relevant data or visuals from your report or other sources to support your claims. Format and cite consistent with APA guidelines.



**Please make sure to cite and reference all materials used.  Feel free to use several outside sources, as well as the attached textbook chapters. **  More deatilsed Assignment instructions also attached. 


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