Posted: July 20th, 2023

Due in 3 hours…no plagarism!!! will report..


Reflect upon this week’s learning about disaster preparedness. In this role-play simulation, you will take on the role of a registered nurse. Click the red “What’s Your Emergency” button to find out your disruption and the details surrounding it. As the simulator may freeze after multiple clicks, be sure to either screenshot or write down the details of your emergency scenario for use below. Support your discussion with references and intext citations that conform to APA.

  1. Provide the details of your disruption: Your location at the time the disruption occurs, type of disruption, disruption duration, the only available communication tool, and what’s missing during the disruption. 
  2. Research how this disruption would impact you in your role as a registered nurse. Identify 2 tasks that you would delegate and identify who you would delegate the task to.  Provide a rationale for this delegation.  What are the policies and procedures surrounding your type of disruption and location? How will the only available communication tool and missing item alter the plan?  
  3. Identify any priorities, issues, or potential near-future issues that affect your work.
  4. How does the duration of disruption affect your plans?

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